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Welcome to the Faithful Uprising's website!

We are a small frienldy guild that has many different play styles. We have
characters at all levels of the game. We strive to grow the guild in members
and renown. However, we do not want to grow and sacrifice the small guild
feel where everyone knows eachother. Our goal is to grow big enough
that our guild raids can consistently be filled by all Faithful Uprising members.

One of the traditions that we have in the Faithful Uprising (FU) is to roll a
d100 for the nightly questing agenda. If you win the roll, you get to use
the guild to fill your personal agenda for the night. A person can win the
roll only once every week. This has proven to be a good way for members
to get a  benefit other than ship buffs from the guild.

We have members that are in two guilds. Our only expectation is that
you have an actively questing character in our guild that can contribute
to guild renown.

Our raiding strategy is kind of relaxed at the moment. We will typically tag
along with whatever group has a LFG message up. This is not to say that
we don't raid, because some of our members run 7-10 raids per week.

We also run epic quests several times per week. One night someone you
may be running Korthos and the Harbor to help a low level group out.
Then be entrenched in epic quests the next night.

As guild leader, I encourage people to group with guildies and advance
our guild. However, I also realize that each person needs their personal
time to let loose and not run with the same people night in and night
out. We can accept a "no thank you, I am running some solo stuff
tonight." The only expception is if you participate in the d100 roll, you
should help the group win or lose.

The bottom line is to have fun in the game! As a guild we hope to be
more than just a tag line under your character name.


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